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Episode 22 From Idyllwild Rapping Boy Scouts, Jean Newell on QVC, Darlene Tenes
Episode 21 From Provo, UT Tony DuPreez and Luke Hickman of
Episode 20 From Vail, CO Ron Lynch of Cesari Direct and Tim Ferriss
Episode 19 Perky Jerky, Golden Fuel Systems and Robyn Kissee
Episode 18 From San Diego, DigiPop, Shippd and TabJuice
Episode 17 Athlete Entrepeneurs, Jim Houtz, Traveling L.A.
Episode 16 Brands, Barry Fowler, Lessons from Mom
Episode 15 Dan Nainan, Teddy Ruxpin, The Richest Man in Babylon
Episode 14 TOMS Shoes, Stephen KeyOne Simple Idea‘, The Sunscreen Song
Episode 11 Colleen Szot of and Doers Win!
Episode 10 George Foreman Grill, Open Line Callers, Writing your Eulogy
Episode 9 Patrick Carmitchel of Fusion Monarch, TEDxUSC
Episode 8 Open Line hour, Funding, Marketing on the cheap and Product Testing
Episode 7 The Pillow Pet, Maxim Connect, Riding a Sea Doo to Catalina
Episode 6 The Snuggie, China and How to Stop Worrying
Episode 5 Interview with Mark Aselstine from Uncorked Ventures on starting up
Episode 4 The Castle Story, The Pet Rock and How BizNinja came to be.
Episode 3 Interview with Sarah Shaw and thoughts on Failure
Episode 2 Interview with John Driscoll and Social Media
Episode 1 Introducing The BizNinja show and a bit of my history

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