Ninjas and Tribes

Good BizNinjas know how to play well with others.  In order to learn more about working together we’re going to turn to Dave Logan of CultureSync and author of Tribal Leadership.  Here’s a 6 minute video summary of the idea of Tribal Leadership.  Think about who you are in your organization.  What sort of attitude do you bring to the office?

What stage are you?  What stage are the people around you?  How can you make things better?

If you liked the video and like audio books you can download the book here, as a gift from

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Introduction to Facebook Advertising

In this post you’ll find a 3 minute video on how to advertise on Facebook.  This is a VERY rough video and is intended to be an initial overview of the process.  There are a lot of resources on facebook and elsewhere but this video was done at the request of a reader.

The video was done in one take, so forgive the abrupt ending.  Facebook advertising isn’t right for every product or service, but it is a great solution for a lot of things.  Try it out.