Graphics Empire

Websites are cool to make, but they can take a lot of time if you want them to look like a pro made them. One thing I’ve always needed when building eCommerce sites are high quality ‘call to action’ buttons like this (the button works):


When we put together Graphics Empire I really wanted to make sure we could offer some great content for free. I’ve compiled what I feel are some of the best royalty free call to action buttons out there and put them all up front for free. Just download and use to your heart’s delight all over the interwebs. There also an awesome eBook included just because I like hooking people up.




Introduction to Facebook Advertising

In this post you’ll find a 3 minute video on how to advertise on Facebook.  This is a VERY rough video and is intended to be an initial overview of the process.  There are a lot of resources on facebook and elsewhere but this video was done at the request of a reader.

The video was done in one take, so forgive the abrupt ending.  Facebook advertising isn’t right for every product or service, but it is a great solution for a lot of things.  Try it out.