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Graphics Empire

Websites are cool to make, but they can take a lot of time if you want them to look like a pro made them. One thing I’ve always needed when building eCommerce sites are high quality ‘call to action’ buttons like this (the button works): When we put together Graphics Empire I really wanted to […]

Littering is NOT Advertising

I was reminded of this picture from last year when I went to my mailbox today and found business cards stuffed in the front of each box.  Most of the cards had already fallen to the ground and been blown around.  The picture above is of a real estate agent’s flier that was designed to […]

Push vs Pull

Push vs Pull Last week I drove in from the beach to do the radio show.  Right before I left I took the above picture of an area in the rocks where the water seemed to be in a constant battle with itself.  The wave would come crashing up through the channel and just as […]

Win Disneyland Tickets

The BizNinja is giving away 4 Disneyland tickets (good for both Disney’s California Adventure AND Disneyland two parks in two days, not park hopper) a $396 value!  Tickets must be used by 5/14/2011. There are 3 ways to win.  Each one counts as an entry, with up to 3 entries per person. 1. Become a […]

Radio Killed the Video Star

Yesterday was my first live radio show and it went.  Yes, that’s it… it went.  I don’t think it was absolutely horrible but there is definitely a lot of room for improvement.  Luckily I have an opportunity to improve next week with episode 2. I don’t know what I expected with the show and went […]

Introduction to Facebook Advertising

In this post you’ll find a 3 minute video on how to advertise on Facebook.  This is a VERY rough video and is intended to be an initial overview of the process.  There are a lot of resources on facebook and elsewhere but this video was done at the request of a reader. The video […]